10 Places for 10,000 Steps

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10 Places for 10,000 Steps

10 Places to get 10,000 Steps

Your boss just got a new Fitbit. Your sister’s work is hosting a 10,000 steps challenge. The gentleman down the road walks 5 miles a day. What is this fad?!

Though most people assume this is a new health fad, it has been around since the early 1960s. During the Tokyo Olympics, many Japanese started focusing on their own fitness and found that 10,000 steps a day has many health benefits such as lower blood pressure, better cardiovascular fitness and reduces the risk for diabetes.

Jinger S. Gottschall, associate professor at Penn State, says there are over 300-peer reviewed articles confirming the science behind the 10,000 steps practice.

If you find yourself being caught up in the 10,000 steps practice, strap on your FitBit, Garmin or pedometer and check out these 10 places to get 10,000 steps in Bristol!

  1. South Holston Dam – this dam is surrounded by some of the most beautiful mountains and water in this region.2map white3








  1. Downtown Tour – Starting at the Bristol Chamber of Commerce walk down State Street to the Paramount Theater, one of the most iconic buildings in downtown. From the theater, walk across to the Birthplace of Country Music Museum. While there, stop in for a tour of theorigins of Bristol’s country music. Just down the street is the ever-popular Blackbird Bakery. Grab yourself a cup of coffee and stroll down to Benjamin Wall’s Art Gallery.



  1. Steele Creek Park – With more than 2,200 acres, the park has an unlimited amount of walking trails. The trails range from beginner to difficult and are surrounded by lakes, streams and beautiful Appalachian Mountains.121113
  2. Sugar Hollow Park – This 400-acre park has everything from disc golf, hiking trails and sports facilities. Imagine how many steps you could get in disc golfing!


  1. Whitetop Creek Park – This sports park has a one mile track surrounding the baseball and softball fields, as well as a 1.5 acre pond!
  1. The Pinnacle – This 250-acre shopping center has so much walking potential! Rather than driving from one store to the other, try parking at one end and walking to fulfill all your shopping needs. Or, check out the beautiful pond near Bass Pro Shop.




  1. Osceolo Island and Weir Dam – Both apart of the South Holston Dam. These beautiful stops are surrounded by 1.5 mile loop with picnic tables, fishing and more!19
  2. Appalachian Caverns – The fun experience of cavern tours is a unique and exciting way to get your steps in. Try one of their general tours and get nearly all your steps for the day on. Or partake in the “Wild Tours” and get them all in!21 2220 
  1. Bristol Caverns – This year-round attraction is another widely popular form of exercise! The hike through the caverns is doable, engaging and memorable!25 2324
  2. Tennessee High and Virginia High School track(s) – Perhaps the most assessable way to get your steps in. The two surrounding high schools each of quarter-mile tracks with stadium bleachers.

Fitness and health do not have to be confined to a weight room or on a treadmill. A simple walk from work to lunch or an evening store through the park is great for getting the steps in!


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