One way to experience what Bristol has to offer is through your stomach. Take progressive dinners to a new level with these options that will fit the dining experience you are looking for.

Casual Lunch

Begin your experience with a cup or bowl of one of the delectable soups from Manna Bagel. Depending on the day you choose, options range from traditional Tomato Basil to sweet soups such as Chilled Blueberry or Strawberry and everything in between.

Cootie Brown’s will serve as the establishment for your lunch entrée. Choose from menu items such as home-made tamales, sandwiches or burgers, and gourmet salads.

The final stop in your lunch adventure will be to The Burger Bar for milkshakes or malts. Sit in the casual old-style diner and enjoy the finishing touch to your meal just like they would back in the good ‘ol days. 

Fancy Lunch

If you’re looking for a more upscale version of lunch, begin with a trip to Basq for a gourmet salad. With four different salads to choose from, Basq will surely start your fancy lunch off right.

Head to KP Duty for the exquisite selections of lunch items such as Salmon Diablo and Shrimp and Grits.

Finish your lunch with a sweet treat from The Southern Churn. With several different ice creams and candies, they will wrap up your lunch on a happy note.


Casual Dinner

The casual progressive dinner experience in Bristol will bring you to State Line Bar and Grille to begin your meal with some of their delicious appetizer choices. Choose from fried pickle spears, Philly nachos, fried asparagus, or even wings to get your dinner started off right. Once you have finished teasing your pallet, head to Kobe Japanese Steakhouse for your main course. There you can enjoy what the hibachi-style dining has to offer. It’s fun for a group of people or just a couple, but have your mouth-catching skills ready for you will surely be tossed a few food items from the chef cooking your meal. Finish your casual dining adventure at Blackbird Bakery. Their selection of pastries, cakes and cupcakes, cheesecakes, and ice creams will sure have your taste buds singing.


Fancy Dinner

Downtown Bristol has a lot of fancier dining options to offer if your group is wanting more elegance. Begin your dinner with cocktails and some appetizers from 620 State Restaurant. There you can choose from all kinds of different eggrolls, crab rangoons, calamari, edamame, and much more. They also offer signature cocktails such as the Main Street Mint Julep and the 620 Old Fashioned. Get your salad course at the Italian restaurant, Machiavelli’s. They have a variety of authentic home made Italian salads. Your main course will be taking place at Basq. There you will find a menu full of choices such as fish tacos, bruschetta pasta, or caprese flat bread sandwiches. Save room for dessert; you’re going to Blackbird Bakery. Try their Snickers or Reeses Cheesecake (or one of their many other dessert items), and finish your night with a tummy full of goodness.


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