For many years, the cavern lay in silence, broken only by the sound of the water, the animals that called it home, and the occasional human who made their way into it.

It was home to many wild animals, used by local people as a home, celebrated by the Native Americans as a place to hold special meetings, and a weekend hangout for local kids. It had many other varied uses down through the years.

In 1991, it was opened to the public as a show cave for the first time in its long and varied history.

Since then, the caverns have had many visitors through its magnificent chambers. It is a bat sanctuary for the endangered gray bats and home to six other species. It is a testament to the beauty and glory that exists not only in the world above but also in the world underneath that many have forgotten exists.

Visit the Appalachian Caverns and take a timeless stroll through its ever-changing landscape.

Enjoy a snack or meal in the picnic area or stay overnight in the campground. For the more adventurous, sign up for an Explorer Tour or Wild Tour and crawl around in the undeveloped cavern areas.

Whether you spend a couple of hours or a few days, you’re sure to see beauty beyond comparison.

Appalachian Caverns

420 Cave Hill Road
Blountville, Tennessee 37617

(423) 323-2337

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