Birthed from the nostalgic longing for oven-fresh, grandma-style cookies, Crave is all about satisfying that yearning for genuine, heartwarming indulgence.

Its cookies are gourmet, hand-rolled, butter-infused masterpieces. With every bite, you’re not just indulging. You’re treating yourself to a piece of love, nostalgia, and a testament to balance.

This isn’t just about cookies; it’s about giving you a guilt-free indulgence that makes even ordinary days feel extraordinary.

Crave Cookies doesn’t just crumble the cookie mold, it obliterates it.

The weekly menu is updated every Friday, offering a new lineup of flavors and a fresh excuse to forget your diet.

Ready for a dessert that will redefine your relationship with food? Jump in and join us, because at Crave Cookies, every bite is a delicious act of self-love.

Crave Cookies

426 Pinnacle Parkway
Bristol, Tennessee 37620

(423) 573-4875

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