Passing through the door of Rocky Mount, you step back in time to the year 1791… George Washington is President of the United States and has appointed William Blount as Governor of the Southwest Territory. Governor Blount has taken up residence at William Cobb’s log home of Rocky Mount to conduct the business affairs of the new territory. When William Cobb arrived with his family in the western frontier of North Carolina in 1769, he did not realize that his new home would play such an important role in shaping the future of our country.

Costumed interpreters take visitors through the log home of Rocky Mount and out-buildings and give you a personal look at living in the Southwest Territory. These interpreters portray Cobb family members, neighbors, and servants. They invite visitors to join them as their guest in the Cobb house.

Rocky Mount Museum

200 Hyder Hill Road
Piney Flats, Tennessee 37686


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