Welcome to The Angry Italian, where each bite bursts with flavor and satisfaction.

From mouthwatering pasta dishes, such as spaghetti carbonara and lasagna al forno, to delectable seafood specialties, like grilled branzino and shrimp scampi, our culinary offerings will surely please even the most discerning palates.

Using only the finest and freshest ingredients, their talented chefs create each dish from scratch, providing a delightful culinary experience of Chicago-inspired Italian cuisine.

Whether you’re craving a comforting bowl of homemade gnocchi or a sizzling steak cooked to perfection, our menu satisfies every appetite.

The Angry Italian meticulously crafts each dish, ensuring an explosion of flavors that will have you eagerly anticipating the main course. Join us for a taste of Italy that ignites your taste buds and leaves you craving more.

The Angry Italian

714 State Street
Bristol, Tennessee 37620

(423) 556-7150

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