The Cameo Theater, one of the 15 oldest theaters in Virginia, is a landmark icon of the Bristol, VA/TN community (since it began entertaining the region on March 30, 1925). At the time of its opening, The Cameo was the premier and most state of the art facility in the region. The Cameo provided family entertainment such as films, plays and live music until the 1970’s, when modern malls and cineplexes brought a swift and sad end to The Cameo (and many vintage theaters across the country).

Three theaters were eventually torn down in the city and many felt The Cameo should experience the same fate. For over 40 years, The Cameo spent most of its time neglected. The building sat with a crumbling façade, “For Sale” sign in the window and no real plan from anyone on how this gem of downtown could be brought back to the people of the region…until now.

The Cameo Theater

703 State Street
Bristol, Virginia 24201

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