Worley’s Cave is located just a few miles from Bristol Tennessee in Bluff City, and is touted as one of the best natural spelunking spots this side of the Mississippi. It has over 4,000 feet of caverns and tunnels waiting to be explored. See amazing formations, columns, stalactites, and stalagmites while you are visiting. This is not your ordinary walk-through cave with lights and handrails. Worley’s is a living, wet cave in all its natural beauty. If you have never been before, you will need a guide. We offer guided Worley’s Cave Adventure Trips that are affordable for the entire family, scout troop, or youth/college group. You can find out more on the history of the Cave here. Schedule an adventure trip today and discover the wonder of the underworld at a constant, year-round 55 degrees – a great vacation adventure for any time or season!

Camping is great fun and so is exploring a cave, but how about camping inside a cave? Now that would be a story to tell all your friends about! Better yet, bring them along! At Worley’s Cave, you can have a Camp AND Cave Adventure: Friday night camping in the Cave, with a Saturday morning cave adventure OR have your adventure on Saturday, camp in the cave that evening, and head home on Sunday. We will fit your package to your needs. We provide this Camp and Cave Package if you want the “rugged and raw” experience of sleeping in a cave for only $80 per person.

No fire is allowed in the cave, any warmth will be provided by our lanterns. It is a constant 55 degrees in Worley’s Cave year round, so bring layers of clothes to keep you warm. No tent is needed, just a tarp for the ground and a sleeping bag. Well ok, you might need a few more things, but you can contact us at worleyscaveinfo@gmail.com for more details.

If you would like to camp on the grounds under the stars, all you have to do is pay the landowner $5 CASH per person for parking and you could camp in the meadow! There is a port-a-jon, fire pit, wood in the forest you can use for kindling, and a creek to wash up in!

Worley’s Cave

Timber Ridge Road

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