Crush Bristol

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Crush Bristol

A recent competition organized by Discover Bristol uncovered some extraordinary area talent and offered the city of Bristol a whole lot of love. Funded by Virginia Tourism Corporation’s Crush Friday grant program, the contest encouraged hardworking millennials to take off Friday and enjoy long weekends throughout Virginia. Participants were tasked with creating a video highlighting why they love Bristol, with the chance to win $1,000. While the city is a pretty easy place to love with a plethora of quaint shops, friendly residents and made from scratch foods, each participant utilized their individual creativity to focus in on the aspects of Bristol that they favor most.

Focusing in on the most intimate aspects of the city, Chad Thompson’s video “Crush Bristol” draws people in and generates earnest feelings for the charming place. The producer’s goal was to craft a video that presents the city as more than just a place with things to do, “My idea for the video came from my idea of what makes Bristol a great place… I wanted to make a video that showcased Bristol being centric around fun and love”, says Chad. Originally from Southwest Virginia, Thompson’s experiences in the city developed his fondness for the hospitable place and inspired him to help tell its story. Working as a freelance Videographer and YouTube content creator, Chad has embraced every opportunity to further develop his skills and technique. While the creator’s enduring passion for digital marketing was the driving force behind his decision to enter the video contest, his aspirations for film making extend far beyond.

Emphasizing entertainment, relaxation and individuality, “Crush Bristol” is powerful and captivates the attention of viewers different and alike. Thompson’s creativity highlights Bristol’s most endearing qualities and encourages even the most curious travelers to come spend some time in the city.


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