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DATE: 10/09/2021 10:00

TIME: 10:00 am - 6:00 pm


LOCATION: Cumberland Square Park, Bristol, Va.

The First Annual Bristol in Bloom Appalachian Regional Art Festival will be taking place in the heart of downtown Bristol, Virginia at Cumberland Square Park. If you have ever attended the Bristol Rhythm and Roots Reunion that takes place every year in September, you will recognize Cumberland Square Park as one of the main stages of the event. Also found at Cumberland Square Park is the Veteran’s War Memorial and Children’s Theatre where Children’s events will be taking place the day of the Art Festival. If you happen to visit the park downtown, afterwards you can walk across the street to the Birthplace of Country Music Museum for a tour, then head over to Lumac’s Rooftop Bar at The Bristol Hotel to take in the sights of the city.  Visit Bristol in Bloom’s website for the complete event schedule & to find out more the festival.

“Not only do artists need exposure, but people need exposure to art. Art helps to inspire imagination, creativity, joy, sadness, anger, and more. Art forces us to ask questions, to wonder, to linger, and to reconsider. When we consume art of any form, music, imagery, poetry, plays, movies, etc., even art that we may not necessarily “like”, we walk away changed, because we have learned something we may not have before; we make connections to a part of ourselves that we may not have known before. It is for that reason that Art is vital to keeping a community growing.”

-Marcy Parks, Bristol In Bloom Founder

Bristol in Bloom was created by Bristol, TN native and local artist, Marcy Parks, after realizing a need for more opportunities for artists to share their work. Not only did Marcy see a need for opportunities for artists to gain exposure, but also for the people of the region to be exposed to art. Because of her love for her community, the Appalachian region, and the arts, Marcy chose to create the Bristol in Bloom Regional Art Festival and the Blooming Artists Scholarship Fund to help support the already established and future artists of our community.

Event Location

Cumberland Square Park, Bristol, Va.

200 Lee Street
Bristol, Virginia 24201

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