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DATE: 05/08/2021 19:00

TIME: 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm


LOCATION: Cascade Draft House

The Bosses are a folk music husband-wife duo comprised of Kimberly and Daniel Boss.

Their style isn’t driven on protest songs or political statements. Instead, they tend to shape lyrics into odes of life.

Slowly but surely, The Bosses morphed from a duo who performed cover songs to one who created their own material. By 2019, they had written enough to record a full album, which resulted in the organic “Smell the Dirt.”

Recorded in Kingsport, all 11 adventurous tracks on “Smell the Dirt” were penned by The Bosses.

Depending on the venue and the intimacy therein, The Bosses either may or may not perform their album in its entirety. Regardless, they sprinkle a range of well-chosen and reimagined cover songs to flesh out their shows.

Some nights they reach into Pearl Jam’s gem of a catalog for “Yellow Ledbetter.” Occasionally they summon Fleetwood Mac’s classic rock staple, “Landslide.” They’re as apt to lend a nod to Ella Fitzgerald as they are to Mungo Jerry.

The Bosses are crowd pleasers, but they do it in their own unique way.

Preview Music – The Bosses

Event Location

Cascade Draft House

828 State Street
Bristol, Tennessee 37620
(423) 573-1185

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