The Choice

The Choice

A recent competition organized by Discover Bristol uncovered some extraordinary area talent and offered the city of Bristol a whole lot of love. Funded by Virginia Tourism Corporation’s Crush Friday grant program, the contest encouraged hardworking millennials to take off Friday and enjoy long weekends throughout Virginia. Participants were tasked with creating a video highlighting why they love Bristol, with the chance to win $1,000. While the city is a pretty easy place to love with a plethora of quaint shops, friendly residents and made from scratch foods, each participant utilized their individual creativity to focus in on the aspects of Bristol that they favor most.

Video 3, “The Choice”, was created with a distinct vision and direction in mind. Wallace Moura’s hard work and profusion of imagination aided in earning him the people’s choice prize of $500. He spoke about his desire to craft a unique video that resembled a short film, rather than a slide video traditionally created to promote destinations. Developed by Moura’s wife, the video’s entertaining script was developed to highlight one of the most inimitable aspects of the city, “I wanted something fun, or even funny, exploring the fact that our city is located in two different states”, explained Wallace. Digital marketing has always been a passion of Moura’s, and the recent contest further fueled his ardor for video production. The creator states, “I really want to bring a new perspective of digital marketing and media to Bristol… My goal is that Bristol will become a reference not only for music, antiques and NASCAR, but also film productions.”

Created with deep adoration, Wallace’s video illustrates a place that attracts people and makes them fall in love. In an uncharacteristic way, “The Choice” exploits elements of comedy and tender moments to praise a city divided by a line, but united by a name.


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