Bristol’s Best Winter Beverages

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Bristol’s Best Winter Beverages

Some like the cold, some don’t. One thing we can all agree on, though, is that winter is “the most wonderful time for a drink!” Warm, rich, and toasty flavors are the theme of the season. Whether beer, cocktails, or a nonalcoholic beverage is your swill of choice, Bristol has plenty to offer.

This past weekend, my companion and I decided to do a little exploring on your behalf (purely self-sacrificial, of course). Our hunt for the best winter drinks first took us to Studio Brew. While we came looking for beer – and the Dancing Monk will certainly warm you up – it was the Smoking Pistols cocktail that truly brought fond winter memories to mind, with its flavors of bourbon, orange, smoke, and dark cherries. Keep an eye out for the forthcoming Tiramisu Stout and fan-favorite State Street Stout, which will be releasing soon!

Our next stop was Bristol Station Brews and Taproom, where we enjoyed a rich Vanilla Imperial Porter while bonding over some traditional board games. A piano soloist provided a musical backdrop, bringing to mind the iconic lodge scene in A White Christmas.

Being a huge fan of rooftop bars, one downside to winter for me has always been being constrained to the indoors. Well, not anymore! Since The Bristol Hotel opened up, the Lumac’s Rooftop Bar (Bristol’s only rooftop bar) offers a glass-walled alternative for those who aren’t willing to venture out on to the patio. Order a Firepit Sangria, Caramel Apple Martini, or Thyme and Cranberry G&T off of their specialty cocktail menu; trust me, they are delicious!

Our night ended at Bloom Café and Listening Room, sipping luxuriously creamy Eggnog Lattes. The coffee was delicious, and the venue was much more than I anticipated; owner Emily Fehr has crafted a unique business offering quality, expresso-based coffee, crepes and sandwiches, frappe’s, sodas… you name it. Chill coffee shop? Yes, but also a place to mingle as well, with events including trivia, live music, poetry slam, and rummage sales.

Whether you visit one of these locales, or find your own joint (Macado’s, Drake’s, and Blackbird Bakery are all excellent choices), stay warm, stay happy, and welcome to Bristol, my friends!

Written on behalf of Discover Bristol by: Katie Cronk


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